Marvellous Materials

Spiffingly British designs are lovingly handcrafted in the United Kingdom using quality materials.


Fagus sylvaticus.

Wonderful clean crisp timber, popular for furniture making. The colour varies depending on soil type but we generally select the whitish pieces for our work.

Spalted Beech

Fagus sylvatica.

Normal Beech, but left in the nettles for a year or two to start the decaying process; caught just right the timber consists of superb lines and mottling. One of our favourites and truly unique.


Peltogyne venosa.

Brazilian Purpleheart is something quite special. The purple heartwood is brown when first cut but then turns purple when exposed to the light.


Taxus baccata.

Yew tells its own story like no other timber. We think Yew is a wonder wood; from ingrown bark, knots and shakes, Yew delivers unique character.

Stainless Steel

Invented by Harry Brearley?

While not definitive, it is argued that Englishman Harry Brearley in August 1913 was the first to make stainless steel (12.8% chromium and 0.24% carbon)